Social Media marketing

Social Media Marketing: Viral Traffic Getting Techniques

Many businesses are starting to find out that the internet is a great way of promoting a business.  The amount of people that you can reach is tremendous, and it can be done in a very targeted manner.  While many have started to promote a website, fewer businesses have discovered the inherent power in social networks like Facebook and Twitter,  Social media marketing can significantly enhance the traffic generated to a business’s products or services.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are the most popular social network sites on the internet.  What makes them very powerful when it comes to marketing is that people can share what they find interesting with other people.  Then if those people like it, they can forward it on to other friends.  The next thing you know, one share can turn into thousands of shares.  This is what is often referred to as “viral marketing.”

The viral nature of social media marketing allows one to dramatically leverage one’s marketing expenses.  Instead of getting 10 new customers with your ad spend on non-viral media, you might get 50 or 500 depending no how aggressively the content is shared.  There are a variety of plugins for Facebook such as Connect Reveal that can actually automatically get your offer shared if they sign up to your mailing list.

Use the Tabs To Explore Some Common Social media Terminology

small businessSocial media marketing has helped many small businesses on a budget get results that would otherwise not be possible
Social Media PlatformsThese are the platforms that are used for marketing purposes, They usually consist of the most popular social sites such as Facebook, twitter and Pinterest because it’s important to market your content where potential customers are and where existing customers hang out
Content marketingThis is the art of distributing and marketing your own content, Social media and press releases sites are both 2 big platforms to market your content on


The key to social media marketing is to have a very active page with user engaging content.  By posting frequent specials, discounts, or contests, you are likely to have people checking more frequently to see if new content is posted.  One can even create a customer loyalty program that gives them credits for sharing your offer with their friends.  Frequent posting of entertaining pictures or stories is another way to keep users engaged and likely to share your content with friends.

When a business is starting a social media campaign, it will likely not have a lot of followers.  One can buy likes or followers from many services to increase the impression that it is a popular page, making it more likely people will sign up.  An even more effective way of building an engaged list is to run paid advertising on a platform such as Facebook to a targeted audience.  This can be done by only showing ads to people who happen to be in groups related to the product you are selling or to a certain target demographic.

Social network marketing is a very effective way of generating new leads for a business.  By leveraging targeted traffic and viral marketing, one can significantly increase the return on investment on any ad spend.